Genre: Black/Thrash metal
Country: Belgium
Label: Empire Records
Year: 2017

Devastation is a classic underground band playing blackened thrash metal, like many others over the world during the last years. They come from Belgium (not usual to review a band from this country) and they formed back in 2006; their first demo came one year later, while their debut album “Leather Jack Mania”, was released in 2011. Their new five-song E.P. ”Drink with the Devil” comes as a sequel to their second album ”Pussy Juice Blues” (2015).

In a similar sort of situation, we wouldn’t expect much innovation, novelty, or special differentiation from the standards the genre is known for. You can imagine Gehennah covering old Exciter and Venom, with vocals reminding of the great and underrated Hypnosia (or even Biocancer). The self-titled opening track is not that encouraging, but as the album goes on, the passion and enthusiasm grow as well. Titles of pure blasphemy and profanity such as “Defilement” or ”Raped by God” are a good fit for the raw music the band plays, and the overall listening is cool and pleasant. The EP’s last song ‘Society will Die (Tonight)” is the best song included in this release, and you should check immediately. Sound production is just acceptable, and the artwork too modern for such a release.

As a conclusion, there is not something special to be heard of in ”Drink with the Devil”, as there are many bands playing the same style (often to better results); however, the fans of the genre will appreciate.

3.5 /6