Genre: Alternative Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Ikaros Records
Year: 2018

Devil Made me Do It initially started as a project band in 2015, however they evolved in a full time one when their lineup was completed within a year. Thus they had the chance to start creating their debut record. In late 2018, their firstborn child was finally out, entitled “Her Majesty’s Pleasure”. The album consists of nine tracks, which are easy to listen to, yet, do not have huge highlights within. With that being far from negative, the album has its very powerful moments which alternate with the more mediocre ones; they do however follow a great pattern. This pattern consists of nine compositions at the traces of 90’s nu/alternative sound, setting Disturbed, Slipknot and Godsmack as an example. ‘Butcher’ and ‘No Face’ fairly gain a honorary title with ‘This Time’ and ‘45’ following, but the record is closing with the most epic way possible – ‘Ocean’ which is a true diamond and contains the most passages than the other ones. The album was out in physical and digital form in late 2018, while the band is due to introduce the record to the audiences on February 7th at Temple, Athens, along with Deathcrop Valley and Beyond Perception.