Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Country: England
Label: –
Year: 2017

Before I start reviewing this record, I have to set a few things straight. We’re in the second middle of 2010’s. A big percentage of bands who are here to “bring the 80’s back” suck without a doubt, either when it comes to heavy or thrash and of course either when it comes to hard rock/glam metal. After a few years trying to find some at least decent revival-hard rocking glam metal bands and keep on failing, I found one in a place I could have never imagined: in a Tarja Turunen show last February. Devilfire is a melodic hard rock band hailing from Birmingham and founded in 2013. The band was on the road with Tarja Turunen as I previously mentioned during winter 2016-2017, when they got to gain their own fandom, during their live appearances. “Dark Manoeuvres” is their debut album. The album consists of 13 loveable tracks and it’s full of catchy, seducingly dark riffs and beautiful melodies. It’s not the greatest hard rock album of all times, but it’s a release that will stick as a worm to the listener’s ear, especially if he’s a fan of Europe and Thunder, adjusted to their own identity though. Alex Cooper’s vocals couldn’t fit the band in a better way. Some of the tracks that haven’t left me since that night of February (while waiting for the studio release) were She’s Like Fire and Waiting for a Rockstar. Great moments are also “In and Out of love all the time”, where the tunes are somewhat slower and “You Gotta Revolution”. Devilfire have a bright future ahead if they keep going on this way and Dark Manoeuvres is a lovely release which indicates what Devilfire have been about in the first place.