Genre: Groove / Melodic Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2014

Devilment is the new project of the famous Dani Filth, a promising package of mainstream music. The band was being promoted for a long time and their album was awaited by many, it’s quite different from Cradle of Filth, even though I’m certain the loyal fanbase of the band will worship it, as they worship him. For all of us outside these circles, it is just spoiled listening hours with hardly any merit whatsoever.

The Great And Secret Show contains poor elements of trance, melodic male-female choruses, slight grooves and keys and of course, the shallow vocal offer of Dani, which is one of the weakest I have come across so far. The production is radio friendly and there are plenty of pop rock riffs (or no riffs at all) in the tracks, making it as catchy as possible for the masses. Even some of the titles are stupid, looking at “Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me”, “Girl From Mystery Island”, “The Stake In My Heart”…

I don’t like the combination of the album’s instruments at all, as it feels unnatural and random, the synths are out of place, the changes are abrupt and some sounds just do not fit, so Devilment missed completely here. The whole record makes me feel like I am a thirteen year old, vampire / werewolf -obsessed teenage girl. And that alone, is horrible.