Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Hammerheart Records
Release date: 2023


Deviser always had a way of distinguishing themselves from the rest of the domestic black metal bands, balancing dark atmosphere with roughness while creating a unique mystical universe. Their first two albums in the 90s are among the must-listens, not only in terms of the local scene, but also regarding a fan of atmospheric heavy/black metal in general.

Ten years from their last album, Deviser managed to unlock another dark secret. They occupy the mysterious void between Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh and fill it with a well-crafted album, Evil Summons Evil. Their identity remains strong, through melodies that battle with truly outstanding vocals, keyboards that set the tone for the songs, while the band’s lively, instrumental playing highlights Deviser’s strong will to start the new decade strong.

The well known guests really add expressive touches to the overall result, with the enchanting voice of Androniki Skoula, more suited to the vision that Deviser’s music exudes, without this meaning that Efthymis Karadimas (Nightfall) and Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral) do not leave their mark on the album. “Where Angels fear to tread” finds meaning in the second half of the album with its addictive melody and the closing “When the lights went out” completely recapitulates the character of Evil Summons Evil.

“Evoking the Moon Madness” stands out for its romance, its catchy melodies and the successful contrast it creates with its changes in tempo. Here we have a full sample of what Deviser can do well in 2023. But if we want to have a look into the future, of all that could be, then we have to mention “Of Magick”, featuring Androniki of Chaostar. Here the dynamics of Deviser’s music is fully revealed, with an oriental flavor.

Now let’s go to the objections. The almost catholic mid tempo compositions, especially towards the end of the album, can wear down the listener. The stylistic genre followed by Deviser requires rich orchestration, varied expressive means and continuous production of ideas in the compositions, in order keep the interest undiminished, painting a musical journey, an acoustic adventure in each piece.

Deviser come close with Evil Summons Evil, to a record that manages to do just that. A musical piece of horror that will haunt you. They are ready to take the big step.