No Remorse records 2020

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2020

Dexter Ward’s name is well known in the circles of fans of traditional metal and this release was quite expected. They are not used to release albums so frequent, so every new one is very important for them and us. “Neon Lights” reflects a band full of energy and thirst to play traditional Heavy Metal. “Rendezvous with Destiny” finds them more mature and one (more) step closer to finding their own musical identity. And now “III” is another pace to this (right) direction. The compositions sound even more majestic and imposing, as their epic character intensifies. The epic element is in complete harmony with their classic origins.  The work on the guitars is obvious and very convincing in the melodic parts. Mark Dexter tries to use his voice in a wider range and he does it excellent. So overall we are dealing with more epic and worked compositions that manage to have immediacy through choruses and melodies, both guitar and vocals. A pleasant surprise for me was the closer track of the album, “The Demonslayer”. Here lies a dark doomy atmosphere that launches the composition and shows the band’s willingness to experiment with its sound. I wish they keep it that way, because experimentation it fits them like a glove. To make a long story short, we have eight compositions that are on the same high level and an album that can win you over from the first listen. Of course, more hearings will follow …