Genre: Black / Thrash / Speed
Country: Germany
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2019

Diabolic Night had been presented as a worth to invest proposition on our column Voices from the Underground, and the expectations were far too high for their first album. Their demo was top-notch and it showed their great talent and our thirst was growing more intense for something extraordinary. Their members are not noobies and have been fermented in the underground scene, while their master mind Heavy Steeler the small independent label Mortal Rite Records and has strong bonds with shapes like Luzifer as they shared live stages. That in itself says nothing, but it reveals everything. The faddist mentality grease the wheels, of course on condition that the band has the talent – that overflows here – to give through a pure and authentic prism the themes and music we have heard sometime somewhere again, but with a new fresher look, more realistic and modern, without losing the elements that link it to the glorious past. Speed ​​metal hard as a steel, with lush Nifelhem-like riffs fluttering with Bathory-like sick vocal lines and demonic beats in the veins of Nocturnal and Destroyer 666. While the solos are structured and based on pure N.W.O.B.H.M. references, they give a fiery glow to the dark atmosphere that is creates by the violent rhythm section that sometimes suffices for the typical and cliché, but also completely addictive galloping rhythm and razor-sharp Black / Thrash riffs. Highlights songs: Sovereign of Doom, In Retribution, Beyond The Realm and Odyssey with the introduction borrowed from the classical work of Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 1 (the project has a total of 21 dances with the most famous being No 5).