Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Silver Lining Music
Year: 2019

If you try to write a review for Diamond Head in 2019, you have to be fully realistic. It’s the band everyone expected to become huge, but didn’t manage to. It’s the band that released “Lightning To The Nations”, a band that can look straight in the eyes every heavy metal release ever. Those who had recruited one of the most sentimental voices ever,Sean Harris of NWOBHM. Those to whom Metallica own pretty much everything. All those have to be set aside, in order to be objective, while analyzing “The Coffin Train”. The only thing that connects it to the past is the guitarist and main composer, Brian Tatler. Rasmus Bom Andersen’s coming since the previous record has given a more hard rocking essence behind the microphone. His raw and stiff approach, fits even the heaviest and most massive, as well as the most aggressive riffs by Tatler. Diamond Head have reached a level from where they cannot easily move, while they give us the feeling that they write their music without boundaries. This is what it seems like from the final cut, at least. The Coffin Train is a nice heavy metal record which is heard easily in its’ entirety. It includes also, some tracks like The Belly of The Beast, or the same titled one that are live songs, easily, next to their classic legendary ones. But since I started writing this speaking for realism, I think that this record is the best we can get from the band’s current lineup. I hope that this will be disproved in the future, though. The Coffin Train is a pleasant surprise for this year, it’s an album that can easily support Diamond Head’s logo on it.