Genre: Depressive Post – Black Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Depressive Illusions Records
Year: 2019

Diatrekhon Aster were born in Athens, in 2016, having shown up to date only a few samples of what their music is all about in a split with Enelixi and Under The Bridge, entitled “Sons of the Lone Wolf” in 2017. Only a few days ago, their debut record was out, called “An Ecosystem of Utility Poles”, which hails nihilism, death and nature. Way more compact compositions than the first samples they presented and seemingly trained musicians from every perspective. For those who like labels, the term post black fits more into their music, as the Xasthur and Lifelover influences on their songs are prominent, without it “vaninshing” the final outcome and downgrading it to a “bad replica”. With their special name and of course their music, which is perished in Greece (considering the obvious preference of Greek audiences for Norwegian black and melodic extreme metal), Diatrekhon Aster made a tremendous breakthrough on the Greek scene and I’ m sure that we will be talking about them a lot in the near future. The album is available through Depressive Illusions Records, limited in 66 copies only.