Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2017

It’s a fact that every release of this kind basically functions as a “best of” collection and obviously Mr. Dirkschneider has every right to use those songs in his own setlists and releases as well, especially now that he just got back from his “Back To The Roots – Accepted!” tour. Udo Dirkschneider claimed that with this double album he broke free from Accept, which means that every possibility of an Accept/Udo reunion now belongs to the past, the page has turned. Some shit talking probably mentioned that this was something just to piss off his previous colleagues, who also released a double live/best of collection this year. Whatever the cause might be, he did his best; two and a half hours of pure diamonds, like a killing machine thriving in the streets. Time is not able to stop the German Tank do his best. “Breaker”, “Metal Heart”, “Midnight Mover (what a pleasant surprise, right?), “Winter Dreams”, “Head Over Heels”, “Balls To The Wall”, everything! The album was released on the exact same day Accept released their newest studio effort “The Rise Of Chaos”, which was out on a DVD/2-CD, Bluray/2-CD and Gtf, also on a triple vinyl in two different colors, via AFM records. I’m not sure whether there’s someone who’s willing to buy both, but I’m sure that everyone who is getting (or already has) “Restless & Live – Blind Rage – Live in Europe 2015), is also getting “Live – Back To The Roots – Accepted!”. This release is mainly about the die-hard fans anyway.