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The magical Dirty Granny Tales return to Greece for their show “Telion’s Garden” which will present it in Thessaloniki and Athens, on March 25th at Principal Club Theater and fοr seven shows  1- 10 of April at Chora Theater in Athens. The presale has already started for the Thessaloniki show and costs 10 euros. The doors open at 21:00 and the show starts at 22:00.

Press Release:

A Tim Burton movie brought to life!

Dirty Granny Tales is an acoustic ensemble that narrates atmospheric stories. Their shows include puppet theater, dance performance and video animation projection, all of which, accompanied by the music, bring the story to life.

Influenced by the atmospheric fairytales of Tim Burton and Guilermo Del Toro, the melodies of Danny Elfman, the irony of Tiger Lillies, The Residents´ sterile landscape, Japanese Gothic theater and Butoh choreography, Dirty Granny Tales transports us to a magical dark world in their own extraordinary way.

Telion’s Garden, a tale influenced by migration, invades human instincts. Indignation and fear lead to desperate decisions. The pursuit of a perfect, flawless, godly world becomes the goal: a world that no flames can destroy, a world that has no room for hellish fire. Alas, the lack of fire can only create an emotionless world. Perfection is an illusion. Life is an inseparable bond of light and darkness. Respecting this bond is the only key to our survival.


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