Genre: Black / Post Metal
Country Greece
Year: 2021

Newcomers, Dissenting Minds, are formed by well-known musicians in the local Greek scene. The band stands out for their unique sound, resembling less possible to the one of Fallen Arise or Revolted Masses (the bands that Dissenting Minds members come from). Band members’ common music interests seems like being the key to their success. Even though they cross the lines toward extreme metal elements, they do have a wide range of different sounds. They seem to know when and where exactly should their music identity lean towards. This, combined with their experience, makes the material sound if it was part of a second or third album, but it none case of their first. Their Post – Black references brings in mind “Harakiri for the Sky”. Guitars do approach a more melodic death character, even black from times to times. Dark atmosphere rules the entire album. Vocals, range from death and black metal tones, to more metalcore/doom ones, as in “Isolation”. Band’s musical diversity is definitely their greatest asset. Beyond that, I consider the lyrical part to be extremely interesting. As a concept album, is dealing with dystopian society. Every fantastic story that unfolds within the album is even being perceived by the listener as reality. Fans of extreme sound should definitely give “Fly In The Face Of God” a chance, if they haven’t done it already.