Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Country: Russia/Greece
Label: Grannus Promotions
Year: 2014

Greek Dizziness, after a successful record in 2013 named “Offermort Heritage”, move forward with another release, this time a split with the newborn Drunemeton from Russia. Drunemeton recently changed name from Heresiarch Seminary and this is their first official release under this new outlet, a piece directed to pagan folklore based black metal. The sound of the Russians is full and powerful, having epic riffs and background synths in all their tracks. The intensity is delivered through decent growls / howls and guitar lines, keeping the influence of bands like Drudkh at plain sight. The band’s lyrical subjects are about paganism and the time before christianity, very much into the same manner as Graveland. The Drunemeton side also closes with a nicely executed Graveland cover of the song “The Night of Fullmoon”.

The first Dizziness track works as an introduction and reminds a bit of pagan ambient in the likes of early Elffor, while “Lake of Dystos” continues in the same style as Drunemeton, having a clear production and a dynamic structure. “Πορφυρή νύχτα” has a couple of wonderful melodies and the band chose to close the split with another cover, this time Immortal’s “Mountains of Might”. It’s indeed a nice cover, even though the feeling that derives from Immortal’s music is a bit different than what this split was about and felt a bit out of place.

The two bands seem to get along lyrically, therefore a collaboration between them is reasonable and comes off as a legit outcome as well, presenting some of the band’s fine material. The split is subtle and well made, so have fans of the genre should not hesitate to check it out.