Genre: Black metal
Country: Hellas
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2020

Let’s take things one step at a time. Dødsferd is an old band in the scene, existing since 2001. The bastard child of the well-known Wrath, which so far counts 2 demos, 3 EPs, 10 albums, 9 split EPs, 1 live album and 2 collections. With this in mind, as you understand, we are not dealing with a band that releases something once in a while, but with a hyperactive band and in addition with a strong presence on stage, with many appearances in Greece and abroad. So today, I have the “Parasitic Survival of the Human Race” album for you, originally released on CD in 2013 by Razorbleed Productions, and has since been re-released on CD and vinyl. This year, we have the release of the album on tape by Wrath’s own label (Fucking Your Creation Records), with the additiona bonus track. Let’s dive into it…

Starting with the new track, we have a very clear difference in sound and style. Although the album in its original form is in a punk/crust/black metal style, the new track “Stachtes (Ashes)” is a pure black metal track and nothing less. New, renovated sound, giving us high hopes for the future. We keep this aside for a while and keep going. The album (apart from the new track), is enriched with sounds from the riots and the burning of Athens in 2012. This in itself, already gives an extra punk aesthetic to the whole album. We have fast parts with the classic skank beats, we have mid tempo tracks that remind me some bands from the American hardcore/punk scene, such as Misfits, Samhain, Blood For Blood, but always through the black metal filter, which is what the band is and this element is always present. Since we mentioned Misfits, let’s say here that the album closes with an awesome cover in “We Are 138”. Keeping the atmosphere of the original, and having “pinched” the speed a bit, they managed to give us what the original song gave us also, which is pure punk, from the late 70s to early 80s era. A bit earlier, I told you to keep aside the reference to the new track “Stachtes (Ashes)”. If this is the direction to follow in the next releases, expect pure and genuine misanthropic black metal. After all, Dødsferd are based on this and is moving forward. They are fueled by the hatred for humanity and in the fact that there is no hope anymore. Something tells me that Wrath’s relocation out of Athens, where he is definitely isolated from the “civilization”, only did him good.

Closing this review, I would like to say the following: Dødsferd have so far gave us one good album after another. Ok there are times when someone will say that an album is not as good as an older one, but it is not possible for everything to be perfect, is it? However, the fact is that they have never released an album that is not above good. Personally, I expect the next one already.