Genre: D-Beat, Crust
Label: –
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2018

Crust, by default, is against any kind of sexism, racism, fascism or any other shitty -isms. It is, after all, descended from hardcore punk and thus, it would be completely ridiculous for people belonging to this genre to follow the above mentioned -isms. Nevertheless I have to admit that, until now, most of the bands I listen to are from countries in the “developed” West and it wasn’t until I heard of Indonesian Dömesticrust that I started checking the scene in other parts of the world. “Another Reality Another Fears” is nothing more and nothing less than what the band says in its bandcamp: a d-beat crust nightmare. Forget neo-crust melodies, slow parts (with the exception of few moments, mostly in intros), and moments of melancholy between violent outbursts or lengthy tracks. The Indonesian band offer us a pure old school crust, full of violence, album and the result is great. Unpretentious, simple but full of meaning compositions, no matter how long (4:12) or short (1:32) the song is. Heavy riffs and violent drums, combined with unclean, angry vocals are calling us to enter the mosh pit and show our hatred and rage about anything that fucks up our lives. The lyrics are similar shouting against nationalism, fascism and capitalism. You will say that this is kind of expected from a crust band but, on the other hand, it seems that we must say even the things that should be already known/understood. Or as Dömesticrust say in their lyrics:

Felt to be the most correct race?
Your reality is sad
We are all the same no difference
Standing on behalf of human beings

Is “Another Reality Another Fears” worth listening to? Obviously yes and not just by crust fans. Anyone who likes extreme genres (especially those who are mostly into death/thrash) will probably like them and, while listening to them, feel their head following the rhythms of the Indonesian band, more often than not without even realizing it.