Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Steamhammer
Year: 2019

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when “Infants of Thrash” came out, Domination’s members were still in high school. During all these years, until the new one “Memoir 414”, they gave a lot of concerts, something that made them evolve as musicians. They also added “Inc.” to their name, something to pay less attention to, but I had to mention it. In their debut, we were dealing with a traditional thrash record, directly influenced by the pioneers of the genre. Their entire performance compared to the youth of their age was far too impressive. And it was like making this huge statement that the future is theirs, if they only could add more personality. Their new album manages to wean them off their debut. They took a step further, trying to gain their own identity. Thrash Metal is their base, in the meantime though, it is something beyond. They’ve expanded their influences to the more extreme. The vocals sound more shredded, in the standards of metalcore, as well as some breakdowns. The groove element is much more intense too, while some melodic death metal references are not missing. So, we’re talking about the same band with an entirely different face. The composition changes, as well as their need to experiment, is evident in the nearly ten minute long “Day VIII Deus’ Ignorance”. It’s a now mature band that will not be mentioned just for the youth of their age, but for their music. Another important big jump is that their album is released through the historic Steamhammer. The Motorhead cover for “Love Me Forever”, comes to close “Memoir 414” in the ideal way. They are rising and all there is left to prove is that they can cope with those new conditions.