Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Steel Gallery Records
Year: 2014

I was one of the lucky ones to be present at the first hearing of this album at the hometown of Doomocracy in Heraklion, Creta. The place was small and packed with metalheads, so it was really hard to pay the proper attention to the music. Despite that fact, the feeling I‘ve got was of having heard something really good. I can only now tell how good it was after having heard the whole album a couple of times in the comfort of my couch and a set of high quality speakers.

It is fuckin’ really good! You have 8 songs of pure candlemassian and solitudeaturmusian doom spiced up with few epic key moments and acoustic bridges. What makes this album very special is that they have not only one secret X ingredient in their music, but three. The first X factor is the amazing high pitched expressive voice of their singer that reminds me a combination of Rob Lowe (Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass) and Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine), the second X factor is the dirty, dusty and strangled sound of the lead guitar, and the last one is the Minoic double aXeepicness that surrounds the album. You will find yourself singing along refrains like “I am the glory, the sun and the water” from Emissary of Vengence, “There’s no hopeonly death” from Doormacht (Der ApokalyptischeUntergang), or banging your head against the mid tempo walls of Faceless and The Celephais Curse. Amazing debut album with a cover art to stare at for hours. Doom on and drink raki!

And one last thing….Steel Gallery Records is rising to become the new Music for Nations!