Genre: Heavy Rock / Stoner
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2018

A pretty interesting proposal sprang from the streets of Thessaloniki, when Dope Default released their full-length debut last March. “Ofrenda” is a breath of freshness at a time when the music ‘industry’ and the releases of this particular sound in Thessaloniki especially are somewhat stagnant.

“Ofrenda” is considered to be the successor of the 2015 “Nuclear Honeymoon” and the “Tales From The Wasteland” of 2017 and travels us to Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll paths, full of Stoner Rock, a bit of ’90s Grunge and an ounce of Hard Rock on the side, just to spice things up with lyricism and melody. In 8 tracks of a total duration of about 40 minutes, Dope Default show to the crowd that it was worth waiting for the band’s first official album and that their confidence towards DD is best compensated, since it’scrystal clear that Dope Default made that “one step further”that was much needed. The distinctive feature of the album is that while the sounds mentioned above move in quite traditional ways, we would say, all together, tangled with each other, lead to a very good result that while it “reminds us of something” is ultimately something quite unique.

The production, mixing and master of “Ofrenda” were handled by the band itself. As far as the recordings were concerned, they took place at Ypoga Studio in Thessaloniki, except for the drums which were recorded at nVelope Recording Studios by Konstantinos Prabitas. The cover is a creation of Alfi Andy.

I think Dope Default will keep us very busy in the future, so it’s a good opportunity to check them out now, especially those who love the ’90s just a little bit more!