Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Greece
Label: NewDream Records
Year: 2019

Ιt has been three years since the debut of Downtown Association’s “City Guide” via which they managed to earn the local scene’s respect and not only – simple, pure rock ‘n’ roll, without uneccesary exaggerations and with a strong live performance, Downtown Association are back and with a little bit more or rage, mania, fury? Call it as you may. Since a winning team cannot change, Downtown Association in “Born Enraged” continued on the same pattern. Within its 10+1 tracks, their passion as well us their pledge of allegience to 80’s hard rock, is quite visible while sounding new, but in an oldschool manner, just like this genre is supposed to be. It “The Rocket Song” and rise of the fallen, the above is far more than inconspicuous, while in “Nightfalls” and “Where I belong”, a more classic rock attitude somehow evolves and makes a perfect match with the rest, giving an amazing result to be loved by fans of the genre, with the production being the top of the cake.