Genre: Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: New Dream Records
Year: 2016

Before start discussing this very record, I have to remind each and every one of you that as a team we have apologized quite several times for missing out some great gems among the amount of new music we get to listen to every day. One of those, is Downtown Association’s debut album, “City Guide”. Downtown Association hail from Northern Greece and more specifically, Thessaloniki. “City Guide” includes 9 fresh, powerful tracks, without skipping the essential amount of oldschool essence, in order to make a great “straight from the ’80s”-like album. Damn, that’s what I love about new bands – fans of the oldschool sound. Their music doesn’t sound neither trashy nor old, while the production is nothing but “trendy”. Downtown Association make this work perfectly. Tracks that made an impression to me are definitely “King Of The Hole” and “Braindead”, while beautiful melodies and muscular like guitars are spread all over it. The guitar sounds are hard-rocking, while at some certain points the sound goes a little groovy, making the album have it’s own special moments. For (the very few) fans of hard rock and glam metal in Greece.