Hard rock ensembles have been thriving while the world was paused between 2020 and 2021, thus we got some great releases reaching the surface as of since life got resumed (at least for now). One of those, is Downtown Association’s spit-to-the-face record “Urban Legends”.

Following up “City Guide” and “Born Enraged”, “Urban Legends” escalates into a more heavy metal sound, than leans towards an advanced rock ‘n’ roll status. In simple words; their new album sounds a lot a heavier than the previous two. Promising to set the city on fire, Downtown Association play a sound we’ve been honestly missing. I mean, there are only a few cases of decent hard rock coming up, while releases regarding that specific sound have been diminishing. From the abrupt kick off of “River to Drown”, to cooling down with “License 2 Kill”, the album consists of amazing bass lines (see “Slow Down”), catchy choruses “Brother”, “Electric Loud Noise” and incredible vocals in all tracks (not your casual high pitched screaming hard rock blondie vocalist in here), the album is everything a fan wishes for.

Feel free to find “Urban Legends”, as well as Downtown Association merch in their Bandcamp page, by clicking here: