Genre: Power
Country: Austria
Label:Limb Music
Year: 2018

Dragony come from Austria and play European power metal, with a focus on melody and symphonic character. To speak with references, it is directed more to a fan of Stratovarius than Helloween. Last year’s “Masters of the Universe” is their third full work and as it often is said, the third album is important for a band. It shows if the comfort zone is chosen with a safe choice of material, or if a new step is made towards bigger audiences and more success of the band’s vision. Dragony seem to be somewhere in the middle of that. They release their best album to date, without losing something from their musical identity. This after the first listen. By listening more, one understands they have focused more on the symphonic and choral part, losing a bit of their melodic side. At times they sound even more pompous. The melody is still in the spotlight. Another difference is that this album lacks a big – epic composition. Contrary to their previous two albums, they move into safer time spaces that don’t cross six minutes of duration per track. This seems to be a conscious choice, in order to be more direct. The lyrics still revolve around fantasy, something that fits their music like a glove. In Angel of Neon Wings, Tommy Johansson from Sabaton is featured in the guitars. As I said, “Masters of the Multiverse” is an ambitious work from the Austrians, and the fans of the band should check it out.