Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: Drakkar Productions
Year: 2020

Drama Noir is one of the rising Hellenic bands in the field of atmospheric Black Metal. They appear to be very active as in just 3 years since their creation; they present their second complete effort, in less than 2 years from the first one. Their debut “Princess Airam” was -at least- promising but “A Necromancy Lore” comes to succeed and surpass it on all levels. With improved and bulkier production, impressive artwork cover, but mostly with better compositions. There is a deliberate shift to more Black Metal tracks, with the change of singer following a more formal and orthodox black metal rendition. Oriental elements are almost extinct and have somehow been replaced by a sensible use of keys that doesn’t cover, but actually give extra color to the songs. The starting “Desert Draconids” opens the album ritualistically – mystically, with the use of female vocals, symphonic mood and increasingly speeds up, avoiding creating chaos. “Chaos Melathron” is atmospheric with nice riffs and mid-tempo rhythm. “Luminous Seduction” has a cold, northern European riffing. It is straightforward, with a discreet use of keys that gives it a dark mood. “Devolution In The Curve of Time” is intensely dark, with an excellent Heavy / Groove part in the middle of the song. “The Last Incarnation” is a clear tribute to the Greek Old School Black Metal scene. A time capsule that sends you directly to the 90’s. “Relics of My Enemies” has an atmospheric Intro accompanied by female – whispered vocals that contrast perfectly with the Black Metal vocals that follow. “Witched Curse” is the most representative sample of what Drama Noir stands for, as it has all the elements they use and a strong Dimmu Borgir aura. Closing with the “Cyber​​Necromancer of Doom” which is a typical black metal disaster. As I mentioned above there is improvement in all areas and a willingness to redefine their identity. I believe that this is done consciously and through hard work. If they continue with this spirit and this mood, with their next works they will enter the elite of the Hellenic scene.