Genre: Progressive
Country: U.K.
Label: Horus Music
Year: 2019

We have been bombarded with releases in recent years by these sympathetic Britons. Some may remember them (the few who read my reviews at least, you know who you are) from the 2014’s release that made me love them, “Trip the life fantastic”. They continue on the same paths and they do it very well. Their compositions as always are multidimensional, prog with tunes that stick to your mind and with Hard Rock touches. The keyboards stand out without overlapping the other instruments, even though all songs are written by their keyboard player Pat Sanders. If I had to put a label on their music, this is something I would find it rather difficult thing to do. Probably because they have three different singers, who each one has its own touch, but also because the songs that they have chose to sing each one has also a different aura, obviously deliberate to match everyone’s voice. The first singer is Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Nine Stones Close, Gabriel) who is also lucky to sing one of the album’s most iconic songs. The second one is Colin Mold, a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer with a very melancholic voice (which fits like a glove here with the atmosphere of Drifting Sun’s compositions). He shines with his interpretations, especially on “To Tame a Star”. And finally Joshua Corum (Head with Wings). He has a characteristic grievance in his voice, something really special indeed. Perhaps an element that for me is more suitable, for Sanders’ melancholic compositions that remind me a bit of Riverside-like style. Anyway, all three of them can say that they have marked the album and helped make “Planet Junkie” one of Drifting Sun’s most accomplished works. If you like good British prog, you can invest here without any hesitations, you don’t have anything to worry about. You won’t fall into any tedious prog, you know the ones that fool you with phony culture and worthless demonstration of skills. Here we are dealing with compositions are first and foremost a guarantee for a pleasant musical journey.