Genre: Progressive Rock
Country: Great Britain
Label: Self-funded
Year: 2016

They did it again! Just when you thought “they’re like a firework”, Drifting Sun strikes back, releasing a magnificent record! That’s what prog rock is all about, ladies and gentlemen. This is the TRUE prog style, with melodies, compositions and twists that do not tire you. A prog style that travels you to new places; that will be appreciated by both rockers and metallers. It can offer you so many things! Drifting Sun are no show – offs. It’s music they create, not a pseudo – culture, just like hundreds of pseudo – prog bands that have been formed in the last two decades and have been considered as “masters”. We’re dealing with a band doomed to remain low profiled heroes, especially since there’s no big label to help them, to promote them, to rub the band’s music to the faces of other “huge” names of the field. I can already foresee the road they’ll follow. Sometime in the future, we’ll be talking about obscure private prog releases and we’ll read reviews praising bands like these. Isn’t it a pity? For starters, check a few of their songs on YouTube or find their page in Bandcamp! And just listen to the track in their entirety, not just 30-40 seconds… Each of the compositions will make you feel unfamiliar things. I would recommend you to listen to any of the tracks by chance, but that would be an exaggeration. Begin with “Intruder”, “King of Hearts”, “Wonderland”, “Retribution”. Basically anything you like. Just live “Alice” for the end; there’s no need to burst in tears right from the start. To put everything in a nutshell, I’m sure that this record will compete for a place in this year’s Dirty Dozen.

It’s not a record where loads of money was invested; it’s not a record with big hits as the previous one, though it’s a record with overflowing emotions and pain. Is it better or worse than “Trip the Life Fantastic”? The fact that I’m comparing this release with their previous one and not any other “successful” or “prestigious” release of a big band of the field, says it all.