Genre: Progressive
Country: U.K.
Year: 2014 (private release)

The progressive genre (even if it’s metal or rock / hard rock) has fallen into an abyss of self – destruction the last few years. It’s all about showing – off. As if the only purpose of the genre is to create massive compositions, 10 minutes songs and technicality frenzies. Result? Boring tracks and tiresome albums. Most bands tend to forget the most basic thing; you can compose the most difficult chords, but if the track is for the waste bin, you’re finished. You’ve lost the game. For all that, I’ve been constantly disappointed by most progressive band’s releases (if it’s prog what they’re playing) the last few years. All of a sudden, a band from England comes to spin my world round. Drifting Sun! With awesome tracks that make you sing along. This is music! Faultless technique, awesome production, neat compositions. Believe me though, that doesn’t matter. What really counts is that they composed songs that stick to your mind; tracks that will not fade; tracks that will embrace fans outside of the prog scene. I won’t enlist bands that I personally like, since what we have hare is something special. It’s Drifting Sun. All I’m gonna say is that the feeling their music created was similar to the one created a looong time ago, while listening to “Heroes, Saints and Fools”, by (godly) Saracen. Compositions are top shelf. The tracks standing out are “The Wizard” and “Lady Night”, and of course the HYMN… the BRILLIANT “Trip the Life Fantastic”. No, I’m not exaggerating. It’s perfect. Well done, Drifting Sun! You provided me with a track that will accompany me on winter drinking marathons.