Genre: Celtic Punk/Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Born & Bred Records
Year: 2021

Dropkick Murphys are one of these bands that have the curse and the blessing at the same time of having a song or more that are more famous or well-known than their moniker. Everybody seems to have sing even just once ’Rose Tattoo’, but the majority knows only this specific chorus or tune rather than the rich discography and history of the Bostonians. Ok their albums after the 5th record started to have several fillers while only 3-4 songs where actually really great. But now with the new album the rebel spirit of their early years seem to have returned emphatically. Turn Up That Dial is their 10th studio full length (and 5th since leaving Hellcat for their own Born & Bred imprint, while please notice that when you are counting in EPs, splits and live albums, Dropkick Murphys have over 80 releases). The boom box on the artwork cover unveils what the record features: songs to turn the volume on 11 and sing along like being in a full of crowd “curva”, as Italians use to name them, of fanatics in a football arena. DKM’s Celtic punk never seems to let you down. The album starts with a trio of strong compositions: The title track, ‘Middle Finger’ and ‘Smash Shit Up’. Great and simple lyrics, furious rhythms and catchy choruses make things easy for the listener to get in the ring…to get in the mood of partying. Of course we will find also political songs like “Chosen Few”. Another extremely catchy song is “Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding”, that also has a small silly but funny story behind it as Ted Hutt the producer of the album claims that Mick Jones of The Clash fame has stolen a pudding from the fridge in Townhouse Studios that both were working at the time: “Oi! Mick Jones nicked my pudding. Oi! Mick Jones leave my pudding alone” sounds naïve but it will stuck into your brain for weeks! We’re dealing with a glorious album with pretty melodies, well-crafted songs that most of them can stand as hit-singles which its gang-like singalong parts are incredibly memorable and spontaneous and shows a band that unlike many of their peers, who have reached the same level of success, is still hungry. Besides the aforementioned tracks check also “Good As Gold” ,“City By The Sea” , “H.B.D.M.F.” and the emotional ballad “I Wish You Were” that is written for Al Barr’s dead father.