Genre: Thrash
Country: U.K.
Label:Me Saco Un Ojo Records
Year: 2018

Dungeon are British and their blood thirstiness is satisfied with relentless thrash with a few black and death strokes. They combine they early huge school of German thrash with early American and in some points they sound like Toxic Holocaust with Marty Friedman on the lead guitar,while elsewhere they look like Aura Noir covering Kreator. Good thing is that they don’t sound like every new thrash band or like they stole half their ideas from the bands mentioned above. Also the fact that despite the band is completely and utterly old school,their sound is not the classic retro cave-ish that all bands choose in this genre is nothing less than an ace up their sleeve. Finally they know how to write their songs and spectral blitz,the title track and queen of sin stand out. So they win with their sword at least two steps above mediocrity and they put us in a wait for their new release.Good job.