Genre: Hard ‘n’ Heavy
Country: Sweden
Label: No Remorse
Year: 2016

Eddy Malm’s name speaks for itself, at least for avid fans of heavy metal. He’s putting out records since 1978 (only a few remember Highbrow’s “A Loser” 7”, even me saying it looked it up on the internet), everyone knows about the Heavy Load stuff(if only they re-released their whole catalogue, but that’s another story) and he in general he is an old dog that never gives up. So don’t be expecting him to redefine genres like rap metal, atmospheric goth/death or hipster mathcore with his latest work. Basically, the record starts with a cover from his own band, “Saturday Night” from Heavy Load, an allegorical point of the continuation from where he left off. He continues in the same spirit with a bit of hard, rock a lot of Thin Lizzy, two pinches of old-school Iron Maiden (“Get out of Here” easily could have escaped from studio jams for Twilight Zone), a little dancy, crafty at times, but not as epic as the old days, although its guitar work with those catchy refrains is perfect to accompany Saturday night’s beers (here we go again). I’ve got the feeling that Eddy Malm wanted to make this album not to prove that he’s still got it, as many say, but to have fun and that something you can’t miss. After many listens, I had a great time without losing my mind and I could easily place two or three song on my car playlist (“Turn it Down” at first, “Nasty Women” following, “Dark Nights” and what the hell, “Danger” also and maybe the title song) to endure the rush hour traffic. Fans of Heavy Load will probably put Eddy Malm’s latest work in their collection and for the rest; they should take a listen before they invest on it. He surely doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but it’s definitely not a bad record as well. It’s much likeable.