Genre: Progressive / Folk / Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

There is no doubt that every time ENSLAVED release a full length, metal fans add another album in their must buy list for the year the album is out. The previous 15 times this happened no one felt that his or her investment was a failure, no reason for that to change now!

‘Heimdal’, the newest strike from ENSLAVED finds the quintet from Bergen, in the hard job to connect 3 decades of career. Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson the (only) two members who have remained consistent from the PHOBIA / pre-ENSLAVED days have this difficult role to play they are damn ambitious and damn imaginative to lose this game.

Nordic folk is blended once again with progressive elements as the Nordic mythology and the black metal roots sound like they spring out of each other. Clean vocals create along with the melodic parts a melancholic environment and the use of horns make the soundscape almost like a trio into the Scandinavian lands.

Of course the outbursts are also present and break the peaceful music journey as Black Metal riffs and rage enriches the album. «Heimdal» is like a well crafted soundtrack and this cinematic aura is dark, oppressive but also carries ENSLAVED’s Black Metal heritage to nowadays. Please give emphasis to the lyrics and the esoteric exploration poetry they ooze beyond the mythological wrap.

A masterpiece that unites ENSLAVED’s discography and reflects their vision upon Norse mythology while summarize their heritage on Progressive / Folk / Black Metal surprisingly accurate and balancing after 16 albums and 30 years on the studio.

ENSLAVED’s «Heimdal» drops on March 3 via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order the record here, and check out a couple of the tracks below.