Genre: Power/Progressive
Country: Hellas
Label: Steel Gallery Records
Year: 2022

There is only this one question that should worry all editors or music journalists after they publish one of their texts especially when it is a review about a new record. Will I change my mind about it in a short or long time? Well that is actually the question about everyone that says his/ her opinion loud. And it is also the question for every artist after the ending of their creation. No definitely nope I haven’t changed my mind and I don’t take a single word about what I write back on 2018-damn time passes really say- and Afterimage debut.
The progressive / power metal band from the island of Syros in Greece delivered a small miracle with “Traveler in Crystal Visions” back in 2018 and set the bar too high for them and I was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to repeat their artistic success again. Their sophomore attack entitled , “II: Beyond Horizons Infinite” is full of melodic parts and it seems like the band had worked too hard on guitars that sound improved technically speaking as much as in terms of inspiration as well. It is not only the addition of a third guitarist, of course it plays its role too, but mostly it makes me having second thoughts on how would their debut sound with three guitarists…

Their main influence still remains the US power elite, with dropping names like Heir Apparent, Crimson Flory, Fates Warming and Mystic Force being way too predictable to do so but it is hi en with extra doses of personality as the bands is definitely in a mature condition and mood enough to filter their influences perfectly. Mostly they try new things but they don’t hesitate to sound old school as in the lengthy “An Overture to Mystic Arts” or traditional Heavy/Speed in the Helstar-like dynamite “Morgana”. The theatrical expression of Papadakis vocal lines are a highlight by its own. Passionate, dynamic, emotional and sometimes too personal is a like spinning a dime cause it makes it a “love or hate” situation for anyone that can’t stand in your position or wear your shoes (or Papadakis shoes…), still fortunately you can’t just but follow the lyrics and his excellent given performance and be charmed by it. Stand out moments “Transparent” my personal favorite “Mirrors”, “Talisman”, “Morgana” and “New Born Horizons”.