More details on Agnes Vein’s return are unveiled as we move closer to the release date. December 17th 2021 is the day “Deathcall” will be unleashed, bearing the minimalistic cover created by Vagelis Neofotistos (Crux). The album was recorded at Blueberry Productions Co. by Joan and Kostas Kofinas during the fall of 2017. Meticulously mixed by Joan at Zona Sound , mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE and featuring layout by Nikos Tsiolis , “Deathcall” brings to life all the essence of Agnes Vein circa 2021.
  1. Deathcall
  2. Vultures Hymn (Praise Bounteous)
  3. Sovereign Star
  4. They Who Neared The Portals
  5. Rara Null
  6. The Golgotha Entanglement