San Francisco Bay Area legends BLIND ILLUSION have released a music video for the song «Straight As The Crowbar Flies». The clip was produced by BLIND ILLUSION and directed by George Anderson and BLIND ILLUSION’s founding lead guitarist and vocalist Marc Biedermann. «Straight As The Crowbar Flies» is the first single from BLIND ILLUSION’s upcoming third studio album, «Wrath Of The Gods», which will be released next year via Hammerheart Records.

Biedermann says: «This is our first-ever official music video. Believe it or not, ‘Straight As The Crowbar Flies’ is the story of an event that actually happened to me. Someone hurled a crowbar at me and (luckily) they missed. The lyrics and the video bring the story into a fantasized spiritual realm and a humorous one at that.»

BLIND ILLUSION’s current lineup features Biedermann along with Tom Gears (bass), Doug Piercy (guitar; ex-HEATHEN) and Andy Galeon (drums; ex-DEATH ANGEL).

«Straight As The Crowbar Flies» brings BLIND ILLUSION’s thrash roots into the modern day.

«Wrath Of The Gods» track listing:

01. Straight As The Crowbar Flies
02. Slow Death
03. Protomolecule
04. Spaced

05. Wrath Of The Gods
06. Behemoth
07. Lucifers Awakening
08. Amazing Maniacal Monolith
09. No Rest Till Budapest

«We’re really proud of ‘Wrath Of The Gods’,» says Gears. «Andy has been an amazing addition and he fits right in. The new album will make you want to headbang your way all the way to the record store. We even put out a limited-edition BLIND ILLUSION cannabis brand available at select California dispensaries so you can feel the ‘wrath of the gods’ when you listen to the album.»

Formed in 1979 by Biedermann, BLIND ILLUSION had an extremely unstable lineup (Biedermann being the only constant member) and went through a few stylistic changes in its early years.

BLIND ILLUSION’s debut studio album, «The Sane Asylum», was released in 1988.

After leaving BLIND ILLUSION, bassist Les Claypool and guitarist Larry LaLonde went on to form the alternative psychedelic funk metal band PRIMUS.

Biedermann reformed BLIND ILLUSION in 2009 and in July 2010 the band released its sophomore album, «Demon Master».

Guido Heijnens, owner of Hammerheart Records, commented: «When I was young and got involved into more extreme kinds of metal, my first love was, of course, thrash metal. Soon my world was filled with sounds made by METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and SLAYER. And, of course, thrash metal from Germany and thrash metal from the Bay Area. The Bay Area sound provided me with albums from TESTAMENT, VIO-LENCE, HEATHEN, EXODUS and also BLIND ILLUSION and their great 1988 album ‘The Sane Asylum’.

«Fast forward to 2021 then. BLIND ILLUSION sends the recordings of ‘Wrath Of The Gods’ to Hammerheart Records and what is delivered is a logical follow-up to ‘The Sane Asylum’… thinking man’s thrash metal, old school in vibe and full of the genre’s trademarks. So both band and label decide to join forces. In early 2022 Hammerheart Records will release ‘Wrath Of The Gods’ and reissue ‘The Sane Asylum’ at the same time (with a bonus disc full of ’80s demos).

«Expect Bay Area thrash metal: great riffs, killer solos and a solid foundation laid by bass and drums. More details on the exact formats will follow along the way.»