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Beheaded: Recounts of the Unholy Man… Interview with David Cachia


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How do you feel now that you are not able to tour with the band due to corona virus? How do you spend the extra energy? Do you think this is real or another great terror to manipulate masses?


Hello kostas, first off thanks for giving Beheaded some space in the Metal Invader, i haven’t answered an band interview since a very long time because i don’t really like them to be honest and i have a very hectic life nowadays and don;t have much time for them either, however answering your interview kind of bring me back to the old memories of my youth days when i used to answer most of the interviews back then…so thanks for this :).

To answer your start up question…let’s start by saying that Covid-19 destroyed everything from business to hobbies and even lives, i have very mixed feelings about how all this have started and i try not to think about it much…all i know is that it is here and it has made a lot of damage. We had some tours and festivals lined up for 2020 and everything got postponed…let’s just hope for a better 2021 for the music business.
I know you are probably the biggest t-shirt collector on earth. Lol when did this disorder started and name me the three most rare pieces you have and how did you find them?

haha, no i am not the biggest shirt collector on earth…far from it, but i have quite a lot i must say, i have always been fascinated by the artworks on the shirt since i was a kid. My first shirts i bought were Helloween’s I want out and Iron Maiden Run to the hills…that was in the mid 80’s, i started collecting seriously many years ago and then i joined this place called shirtchaser, it was a forum with crazy minded people like i am and it got worst haha, shirts weren’t as ridiculously priced as they are today.

3 rare shirts that come to my mind right now are possibly Venom’s Nightmare US tour 1986, Iron Maiden’s Beast on the road world tour 1982 and Death’s Scream bloody tour from 1988….there are plenty more of course but you said 3 so there you go…

Latest album is full surprises again. We can hear brutal death grind speeds, mid paced like «Unholy man», slow Morbid Angel tracks like «Embrace your messiah» and even an instrumental with medieval feeling which fits with the nostalgia of the artwork. What did you want to achieve recording it?


You are perfectly right, Only death can save you takes you through a blend of different styles of death metal without wavering out of the style…we all come from different backgrounds when it comes to music and you can hear it throughout the album. We did not experiment or wanted to achieve something while composing this album, it just came like this during ita making and i think it is a solid album.
The band runs for almost 30 years. Is it the need to keep your teenager inside you alive? The fans? What keeps you going?
The only answer i see to that is the love for death metal and other extreme form of music i’ve been into since late ’89 to this day, the band has been around for almost 30 years but even before i joined Beheaded i used to play in this band called Biblical Infamy, possibly the first death metal band with blasphemous theme to the music…back then as the kids we were heavily influenced with bands like Deicide and Morbid Angel but we also listened to bands like early Rotting Christ and Venom….in my camp, extreme music is a drug and an addiction.
Is there any target incomplete concerning the band? I mean you signed with major labels… toured… what else is there bigger than now?
There is always something new to achieve, whether it is a big thing or a tiny thing…it will mean to you no matter what, from my perspective i’d love to take the band more on tour, hopefully when this covid thing ease down, then we can look for better times.

We met each other when things in communication were more primitive. What do you choose? Old snail mail letters waiting postman? Or quicker social media contact?

If my memory serves me well, i think we started to correspond around ’96 or ’97, what i miss from the old days is the excitement in getting a new letter or a new demo to discover new bands through my tape trading buddies, today is of course more practical….you get to hear the product before your local record shop gets it in his store which is ok but in all aspects i prefer the good old snail mail days when it comes to getting new music. Naturally, it’s nice to get in touch with your friends in a quicker way using social media but that’s it.

Since your first bass what brands have you owned so far what is the procedure you follow recording a new album? Do you contribute as well on writing or this is guitarists job?

I bought my first bass in 1988, it was a Hohner bass and it was bigger than me, it was so big that you could use it to put pizza or bread in an oven and it was uncomfortable to play and it sounded shitty too but that’s all i could afford until i got a job, then i bought a Ibanez SDGR series which was a huge improvement to the Hohner, killer sound as always and incredibly comfortable…i own ESP basses, Peavey basses and my recent endorsement by Spector basses courtesy of Band Aid Music Malta, by far, the best music retail in Malta.
I used to write some music here and there but it’s usually done by the guitar player. 

How do feel being from such a small country and you managed to put it on the metal map? What is the secret you could urge for new bands to achieve and get out there?

Being from a small country is not easy, especially living on an island where to attend big shows you have to travel by airplane. There is no secret, you work hard and you believe in what you do you and eventually you will succeed no matter where you are.
What actually happened with Pathos Productions and the re-issue of your first debut album Perpetual Mockery? John T Dywer is a well known fraud if you ask me and it is quite well known in the scene..can we get a clear view of what actually happened?

I have known John T.Dwyer since the mid 90’s and he was always a fan of the band and we talked about the re-issuing of our first album for sometime, i started to mention this in the underground community to start some hype about it and i had some people warning me not to release anything with his label Pathos Production because he tried to scam them but while i noted the warnings i went along to give this guy a chance and now i know those people warning me were completely right…

After waiting on him almost a year and some months to start working on the re-issue, he messaged us with some news that he hired a guy working on the inlay of the LP, Naturally we were very upset about his absence and incompetence in handling this but i persuaded the others to give him another chance..then we agreed to hire Jon Zig to do the cover artwork for the re-issue and it took him only a few weeks to do it and he did an amazing job as always, the artwork costed us $500 and we both upfronted $250 each…the artwork was sent to both of us so we can use it as we like since we both paid for it, during this time a european tour was scheduled for us and we printed long sleeves and shirts with this artwork because we paid for it too….Once again, John T. Dywer disappeared and could not be reached anywhere…we have tried to call him but no one answered, we sent messages but went unreplied and we were fed up with his incompetence and bullshit…..many months and disappointments later he sent us a message that he was flat broke and he did not have any money from a mortgage he was supposed to get (like what your mortgage has to do with all of this – you see what incompetence he runs his label) but still wanted to release the re-issue but of course we declined and told him to fuck off.

later on we came to know by fact that he ripped great bands like Embalmer and Eternal Suffering as well, he also tried rip off serious labels Repulsive Echo and other distros and traders around the world, that’s the true story about the re-issue of Perpetual Mockery and Pathos production.

We hope to find a good label to release this on vinyl sometime soon.

As a closer name 5 albums you spinned last days and thanks Dave!

1. Sepultura – Beneath the remains

2. Obituary – Slowly we rot
3. Purgatory – Ωmega Void Tribvnal
4. Acheron – Rites of the black mass
5. Nekrovault – Totenzug : Festering peregrination
Thanks for supporting Beheaded, cheers!

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