Genre:Death Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2020

Scriptures (their first album since 2008’s Killing Music) finds the return of frontman Dave Ingram (he took the place of Napalm Death’s beast Barney Greenway) 21 years after he left (back in 1998, to be replaced by Dave Hunt from Anaal Nathrakh), but also founding members/guitarists Peter Rew and Darren Brookes in great shape and inspiration. Ironically the worst track of the album was its first single single “Rabid Carnality” , that spread enthusiasm among the bands fanatics when they revealed it on YouTube earlier on September. Of course it’s not a bad song either. But it shows how great album is Scriptures. “Scriptures Of I”, “In Our Hands, the Scars” and “Tear Off These Wings” are catchy as hell. All tracks have this old school song writing approaching that sounds so warm in to fans ears, that feel nostalgia for early 90’s and the glorious albums that were recorded back then. There are many Thrash elements and full of raging guitars. The riffing is marvelous and the unrelenting fury of their new drummer Giovanni Dürst, whose previous experience in White Wizzard, Omicida and Monument filled me with doubts, as I thought that he couldn’t wear the shoes of Benediction’s drummer. Well I have to admit that he is an overachiever and his work is excellent here. Besides the performing of all musicians that deliver a splendid result, Ingram’s throating singing is a highlight by itself. His characteristic vocals grabs you by the throat and reminds you that you don’t hear a new band trying to be like Asphyx, Bolt Thrower or Massacre, you hear fuckin’ Benediction that only sound like themselves!!! Scriptures will definitely be on many top lists this year…probably yours too!