Listen below the brand new single by Swedish grindcore band BIRDFLESH, “Hammer Smashed Japanese Face”. The song is taken from the new album «Sickness In The North», to be released on April 21, 2023. With the irony that has always distinguished it, the group is ready to return with twenty-three new tracks between grind and thrashcore. BIRDFLESH comment for in which the single premiered: “Birdflesh have always had a great love for Japan: the culture, the people, the food, the crazy extreme music. All true fans of a certain type of music know a ‘Hammer Smashed Face’, but let’s take this song to another level and celebrate the people under the rising sun.»

Album tracklist:01 Gorespring
02 Lavatory Sickness
03 Hammer Smashed Japanese Face
04 Mongolations Of Desolation
05 Chained To The Wok
06 Welcome To The Jungle Rot
07 Megalomaniac
08 Funeral Orgy
09 Chainsaw Frenzy
10 Bombraid Bonanza
11 I Will Never Rot
12 Amputee Admiration
13 Incest Melodies
14 Balcony Piss
15 One Tooth Misery
16 Lose The Arise
17 Natural Born Filler
18 Crazy Pit
19 Fat Pigs
20 All The Ages
21 Pedophile Pal
22 All Inclusive
23 Alive To Lose