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Black Breath – Sentence to Life


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Black Breath may now rest in power but when a dozen of years ago delivered us their sophomore full length underground circles were shocked. Established in 2006 the Seattle based hardcore/crust band had always a key factor in their sound; the “Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Pedal”, and their worshipping pedal to the medal Crust/Hardcore meets Entombed inspired vitriolic riffs blended with punk attitude and old school Swedish Death atmosphere it thankfully took the world by its throat. Yes every release from Black Breath until their end, (Black Breath bassist Elijah Nelson passed away at 40 years old on Saturday, December 28, 2018. Nelson’s passing was the reason the band went on hiatus or even worst the final end) was big news for everyone that was in the wide spectrum of heavy music from stoner, doom to death or hardcore and in the early 10’s Black Breath along with All Pigs Must Die, Okkuktokrati, Heartless, Dishammer, Kvelertak, Masakari, Gridlink and Mortal Torment gave a boost to the rotten world of the extreme sound.

D-beat lovers, groovy thrashers, Death metal fanatics, filthy death n rollers and above hardcore to the core, the americans were definitely excellent composers as they didn’t fall in any trap of repetitiveness by changing either rhythm or switching genres at the right moments. Their songs were heavy, twisted, crushing headbangers and air guitaring makers but all had a hardcore personality and essence despite the many miscellaneous influences.
Brilliant choruses and catchy verses dealing with anything from Satanic rituals to everyday struggle and personal issues like suicide or horror movie metaphors and sometimes given with doses of black humour.

Black Breath recorded the album at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou, and had the finished product mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

‘Sentence to Life’ can be addictive to anyone that digs Cro Mags and Dismember as well as Motorhead and Crucifix and everything in between a wise man once said and that is definitely right but in my humble opinion ‘Sentence of Life’ is a barrage of gang-shouts and buzzsaw guitars, straight ahead, skull-crushing Hardcore, where now (should) considered to be classics like ” Of Flesh”, “Mother Abyss,” “Forced into Possession”, “Doomed”, “Home of the Grave”, “Feast of the Damned,” and the title track balance between furious velocity and calm energy, creating a myth and a top of the tops that even Black Breath never managed to conquer again.

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

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