Genre: Southern/Groove
Year: 2021

Just before your summer vacations (or during them) a nice (and a bit expensive though) present for you or the ones you care, can be the new acoustic collection and part of the ‘None More Black’ box set featuring all 12 Black Label Society’s albums, plus a 32-page hardcover retrospective book, a bottle opener, and an “Odin’s Demolition Squad” back patch, entitled ‘The Song Remains not the Same II’ . Of course we are dealing about vinyl releases as this makes it even richer and valuable as expensive too. Just like the first part ‘The Song Remains not the Same’ that was out in 2011 the collection features some acoustic versions and a couple of covers, with the big difference that in this part 2 here, contains 22 songs and a running time of 100 minutes. This bonus rarities collection really worth to add it to your discotheque, giving you an extra reason to revisit BLS catalogue again, until the new 13th studio album arrives on autumn.

Here’s the track listing for “The Song Remains Not The Same II”:

01. “My Dying Time”
02. “Blind Man”
03. “Graveyard Disciples”
04. “The Nomad”
05. “Scars”
06. “House of Doom”
07. “A Love Unreal”
08. “We Live No More”
09. “Cry Me A River”
10. “The Chosen One”
11. “Empty Promises”
12. “Lead Me To Your Door”

Here’s the included albums:

“Sonic Brew” – black/white marble x2 LP
“Stronger Than Death” – black/apple marble x2 LP
“1919 Eternal” – black/brown marble x2 LP
“The Blessed Hellride” – black/silver marble LP
“Hangover Music Vol. VI” – black/canary marble x2LP
“Mafia” – black/neon coral marble x2LP
“Shot To Hell” – black/tangerine marble LP
“Order Of The Black” – black/grey marble LP
“Catacombs Of The Black Vatican” – black/tan marble LP
“Grimmest Hits” – black/olive marble LP
“The Song Remains Not The Same II” – grey LP
“Nuns and Roaches: Tasty Little Bastards” – black/magenta LP