Greek epic heavy-metal trio Black Soul Horde have just revealed a lyric video for a brand new song off the band’s forthcoming third album “Horrors From The Void”.

Listen to this new track titled «The Betrayal Of The King» here:

«To me this is a powerful and very personal song which is why the vocal delivery is so emotional.» Says vocalist JIm Kotsis about this new song.

«Despite the fact that the lyrics seem like they’re dealing with the topic of an actual battle, taking place in a medieval setting with kings, castles and all, the song is actually about the struggle of snapping out of a difficult situation, whatever this means. Our everyday battles are never-ending and as years are passing by and shit’s getting real, one needs more and more inner strength to overcome the difficulties and move forward. Never give up – Never surrender – Always fight to the end!»

If you missed it, the lyric video leading single “Beware The Deep” below: