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Bruce Dickinson Drops “Rain On The Graves” Music Video


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Bruce Dickinson has released his brand new single, “Rain On The Graves”, accompanied by a thrilling video introducing Bruce‘s live band, comprising guitarist Roy Z, drummer Dave Moreno, bass-player Tanya O’Callaghan and keyboard maestro Mistheria.

“Rain On The Graves” is the second single to be taken from Dickinson‘s forthcoming solo album “The Mandrake Project”, which will be released on March 1st via BMG. Riding on a towering guitar riff, with dramatic keyboards and a commanding vocal performance, it was inspired by a rainy visit to Romantic poet William Wordsworth‘s grave in the Lake District. The song grew into a rumination on the nature of mortality and the deal with the Devil that artists have come to feel themselves making ever since Robert Johnson proved it worthwhile back in the 1930s.

“I had the chorus lyric in my head since I visited Grasmere for a wedding back in 2012,” explains Bruce“and it wasn’t difficult years later to create the rest of the song with so much rich imagery in my head!” It is a classic Dickinson / Roy Z collaboration; a catchy but heavy piece – full of melody but stripping out the spoken vocals of the verses in almost poetic fashion – maybe a further ode to the great wordsmith who inspired the title, somehow juxtaposed with music fit to raise the ghost of Robert Johnson at his metaphorical crossroads.

With a video shot entirely in a wintery Cornwall – again with director Ryan Mackfall – we get to see Bruce the actor, a preacher no less, making his own deal with the Devil and dragging his ‘House Band from Hell’ into the bargain.

Watch below.

“The Mandrake Project” tracklisting:

01. Afterglow Of Ragnarok”
02. Many Doors To Hell”
03. Rain On The Graves”
04. Resurrection Men”
05. Fingers In The Wounds”
06. Eternity Has Failed”
07. Mistress Of Mercy”
08. Face In The Mirror”
09. Shadow Of The Gods”
10. Sonata (Immortal Beloved)”

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