Genre: Death/Doom
Country: Germany
Label: Repulsive Echo
Year: 2021

I don’t believe that there are a lot of guys out there that remember Call From Subconsious. A doom/death band hailing from Nuremberg, Bavaria (Germany). They also featured on the «Only Death Is Real Vol. 2» compilation with the song ‘Nosferatu’. Greek independent label Repulsive Echo releases a compilation album featuring 1995’s “Fading Flowers” and 1996’s “Inner Dimensions” demo cassettes in a cd edition.

“Sorrow and Avidity” is an album delivering top-notch ’90s Mourning Death Metal about Despair, Life, Love and… Death, that could have been out via Peaceville Records somewhere between 1993-1997. The exact same era where great bands came out from the sub-genre -and Call From Subconsious can stand easily next to them- and the exact same period that the Germans were active. Thick and heavy guitar, low and deep vocals on one hand, depressive melody and solid rhythm section on mid paced death metal which have also very prominent doomy passages. The songs’ structure is at the typical approach heard in the 90’s spirit where melody is created with sorrowful use of guitar harmonies and melodic leads , but I say it in a good way. There plenty low vocals that sometimes are heavy enough to drown the sound of guitars. Call From Subconsious have the ability to create perfect compositions sounding majestic and elegant without losing any extreme element from death metal.

A highlight for me is the evil use of flute -or some other musical instrument played with breath that I can’t understand which is- (in “Reve Noir”) and some painfully slow parts in between. Check also “Sadistic Life Inside”, “Mentally Deceased”, “Anguish to Live” and of course “Nosferatu”.

By buying “Sorrow and Avidity” you will automatically get 8 (+1 intro) quality songs with the perfect amount of melancholy and sadness. And a bitter taste in mouth…