Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Metal Blade Records
Year: 2021

As Cannibal Corpse is ready to unleash its 15th studio album entitled “Violence Unimagined” I get this feeling and a feedback before the record hit the stores that everyone is willing to hear it. It’s a bit strange though as the album follows the same motive with its predecessor 2017’s “Red Before Black” still I really get this vibe indeed. The new album is straightforward and catchy. The music direction is once again simple following the path the band is going on the past few years and despite the multiple tempo changes and the technical passages and parts the final result is easy to remember. Erik Rutan’s joining marks a new era. As back in 2006 Rob Barrett replaced Jack Owen and the steady lineup helped the band to create remarkable and balanced records now it’s time that the famous guitarist/producer/vocalist of Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel fame Erik Rutan replacing Pat O’Brien to make a fresh start or give a boost to Cannibals. Rutan helps on 3 new compositions (music and lyrics) “Condemnation Contagion”,Overtorture” and “Ritual Annihilation” and he shows his skills without hesitation. George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer is in top notch condition and a bit raspier giving a slide of maturity in his performance. Mazurkiewicz has the advantage of pushing things harder as this album has the most intense drumming the band had for more than 15 years or so. Technically speaking all band members try to sound more even. They also are trying to add more trash parts in the songs here and there that are audible and pleasant to hear for all of their old school fans. Webster is in great shape as a composer and as instrumentalist, even though he recorded his bass lines in the other side of the States and not in Florida and sending his tapes to Rutan that he also managed to create a solid result, by producing the record at Mana Recording in St. Petersburg, FL – his base of operation (CC’s plans to record the album entirely together were interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with Webster forced to record his bass tracks in his home studio). “Violence Unimagined” is honest album sounding both monolithic and brutal. It features 11 strong songs with manic growls, sharp guitars, pounding drumming and concrete bass lines with several memorable barbaric moments and is actually a damn catchy lesson in gore violence and stubborn Death Metal with a nostalgic Thrash essence. Highlights: “Murderous Rampage”, «Ritual Annihilation», «Slowly Sawn», «Condemnation Contagion», “Inhuman Harvest” and «Follow the Blood».