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Coltre – To Watch With Hands To Touch With Eyes


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Dying Victims Prosuctions
Year: 2024

Coltre is a band established only in 2019 and yet while you hear their music they sound like a lost or forgotten gem from 1979 or something. This their second work as it follows a brilliant EP that shocked all fans of pure NWOBHM and who else but Dying Victims Productions would release its debut full length. Entitled, ‘To Watch With Hands… To Touch With Eyes’, the London based band creates a record of top notch quality.

As I mentioned above the band was formed in (the summer of) 2019 when lead guitarist Daniel Sweed and guitarist/vocalist Marco Stamigna met as students at the same university. Bassist Max Graves, who also attended the same university, soon joined the lineup that recorded the EP ‘Under The Influence’ in the same year and released it in February 2020, in a totally DIY move in CD. The EP’s success caught the attention of Dying Victims Productions who re-released ‘Under The Influence’ in multiple formats, including an additional track (the song “Fight”), in July. In 2020 they added as a drummer Eduardo Mariotti to the lineup.

Their first LP ought a lot to early Iron Maiden and probably many more to Praying Mantis, Diamond Head and Quartz-like dark riffs. There’s also an epic hint here and there as delivered by Thin Lizzy, while most guitars are to my ears closer to 70’s born like ones with a hard rock aesthetic and approaching. Not that the early 80’s influences or the pure NWOBHM elements are lesser than in their debut EP; probably some ideas are given with some extra doses of maturity and a Classic Rock feeling.

Last but not least the characteristic galloping rhythm and the rich and thick bass lines.

Highlights: Feast of The Outcast, Rat Race, When The Earth Turns Black, Temptress and Oblivion

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