Coven Japan – Earthlings


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Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Japan
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2023

I like when I see advertisements like the one No Remorse Records, the label behind Coven Japan, (or was it on a Facebook post…? Anyway), says one simple sentence that makes you want to hear the record they promote. No Remorse wrote: don’t compile your best album list before you hear “Earthlings” by Coven Japan. Simple and true. I wasn’t aware of this band that was formed in 2016 by guitarist Akihiro Ito and singer Taka in Tokyo, Japan. But I can bet all my money that these two guys adore bands such as Angel Witch, Satan,  Tygers Of Pan Tang and Mercyful Fate. As they are heavily inspired by Iron Maiden and the whole movement of N.W.O.B.H.M. and of course from other Japanese metal bands such as Anthem, Loudness, and Metalucifer. As they inform us in the press kit the Japanese identity is very strong in the band’s songwriting and they want to spread their own original Japanese metal, so their songs are written in two languages. Verse and bridge parts are written in an old (Medieval) Japanese literary style, and the oriental accents and unique rhythm from old Japanese literary lyrics are also one of their special characteristics. The band’s members believe that singing along together is one of the best parts of Heavy Metal, so chorus parts are written in English as the world’s common language for sing-alongs together in the world. Something daring, interesting, brave and easy to do, but not so easy if you don’t want to sound ridiculous and Coven Japan achieved on composing interesting songs with this weird combo. Musically speaking things were even easier, with incredible riffs, catchy and hooky melodies with twin guitars and female vocals, by also putting and mixing various elements like catchy Japanese animation songs (Coven Japan are Japanese animation and comic fans, known as “Otaku”), which in the end created a unique style. Excellent work with some great songs such as “Return Of The Souls”, “Land Of The Rising Sun”, “What Goes Around Comes Around”, “To Sanctuary – March For The Voiceless” and “Lost humanity”. “Earthlings” was mixed and mastered by Olof Wikstrand of Enforcer. The album cover was created by AnriLancer.

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