Crisix are back with a new album titled ‘Full HD’. It is showing Crisix in the best shape combining the Crisix invented characteristics mixed with traditional metal and thrash. The album has all that every mosher needs. ‘Full HD’ was recorded in Barcelona and mixed and mastered in the USA by Pete Rutcho (Havok, Revocation). ‘Full HD’ album cover and artwork are done in a special anaglyph 3D technique. Put on the Full HD glasses (will be enclosed in all physical formats of the album) and see a new reality. With the filters, you will be able to decode each eye’s image. Use the blue lens to focus your vision. Or use the red one to see beyond. Remember, perspective is as fragile as a lens. ‘Full HD’ will be released in April 2022.

1. The Many Licit Paths
2. Extreme Fire Hazard
3. Full HD
4. Macarena Mosh
5. Speak Your Truth
6. Beast
7. John Was Born for Metal
8. Shõnen Fist
9. W.N.M. United
10. Boc de Biterna
11. Escape the Electric Fate