Darklon – The Redeemer


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Genre:Power/Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label:No Remorse Records
Year: 2023

Darklon emerges from the Greek heavy metal scene with their powerful  second album “The Redeemer”…

An astounding work..full of US.Power metal “thunder and lighting” moments…Omen,Jag Panzer and Savatage with a little bit of Manilla Road and Liege Lordon their style, gave us a headbanging album..! Nick behind the mic..did a great job..reminds me old school 90s singers..

I really wish them to keep that flame burning..and stay at this underground style….to be on tour and write heavy epic tunes!

Album opener and title track ‘The Redeemer’ is not only a strong statement that sets the tone for the album but it’s a homage to Mad Max Fury Road..

“Rancor and Agony”,”I am Death” and “Lamashtu’s claws” are the jewelries of the album…amazing bass lines,pounding drums tight guitar riffs and a voice,made exactly for these epic/speed power songs.

“Iron Glory” for me..is the best moment of the album…powerful song with massive section..and blazzing solo

“The bloodstone”propably is my fav.song.. with the mid tempo and the more progressive mood keeps the listener in interesting.”Downfall” is the exact continuation of “The bloodstone” mid tempo touches with the bass lines on the frontline!!

The closure song “Way back home”  is a fine send off for this collection of songs. The balance of track lengths has been just right, and every track has held my attention throughout.

Although the production is a bit poor. every instrument is clearly heard.. how about the thunderous bass lines, which is very important to me, to give space to the bass players and the pounding metal drums…! In every song, you can hear and feel the metal hordes attacking you! As for the guitars…absolutely amazing work..riffs and solos in perfect harmony with the lyrics and the singer with his hoarse voice…ties the record together..

Ι really wish them long prosperity. 

P.S. Don’t miss them at 21 of April on a epic night  with SOLITARY SABRED and MULTIVISION..at Eightball club/Thessaloniki


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