Death Before Dishonor (DBD or DB4D for short) is a Bostonian beatdown hardcore band being active for almost a quartet of a century as they were established at the dawn of 2000 and after only 5 studio albums (in which the ten year recording hiatus releasing only one album after 2009’s ‘Better Ways to Die’, the emphatic album/statement 2019’s ‘Unfinished Business’ played a big part for this small number) they can claim for defending the hardcore faith loyal, proud and loud! Their initial releases were on Spook City Records; the group signed with Bridge Nine Records in 2005 and that helped them reach even larger audiences. Despite the fact that the first album for the label was a commercial failure, in terms of how high the bar was set, yet ‘Better Ways to Die’ proved to be their finest moments up to now. Of course this is a personal opinion but believe that it’s not far from the truth. DBD had toured a lot after the ‘Count Me In’ album release (for those who might remember, the one with the artwork designed by Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon).That made them better musicians, as the rubbing in the street gave them experience and extra boost to their aggression. Wisely they add Jim Siegel (Have Heart, Dropkick Murphys, Blood For Blood) in their team as the producer, a factor so important in order to bring out their talent, skills and assets. Truth be told as this was their 4th studio album they should add more personality if they wanted to stand in their own feet and not being a great to open live shows of big names band. So they improved their songwriting and added more melody in the plethora of chugging riffs they already delivering in all of their LPs, while some short solos matched perfectly with the angry groove.  Plus the roaring vocals are again as ferocious and in-your-face, the tempo variety satisfying, the bass lines thick and solid and the final result a mix of street punk and metallic crossover sounding better than ever! A must buy for all fans of Terror, Blood for Blood, Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All , SSD, Suicidal Tendencies, Pennywise, Death Threat.