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Decipher signs to Transcending Obscurity Records; “Chants of the Unholy” Song Premiere


Decipher is a black metal band from Athens, Greece founded in 2017. They have released their first EP “Of Fire and Brimstone” in 2019 and since then they have given several concerts in Athens and other places in Greece. Their debut album “Arcane Paths to Resurrection” is expected to be released this year via Transcending Obscurity Records which earlier today announce the signing of the Greeks as you can read it below. 

NEW BAND ANNOUNCEMENT: Black metal band Decipher from Greece:

“We’re delighted to finally reveal the latest album details of the Greek black metal band Decipher, which we signed over a couple of years back but COVID and related issues got in the way and the creation of the artwork held up the whole process. It was worth the wait because everything about this release now is top notch. I can vouch for their interesting style of black metal which blends various sounds, from dissonant leanings to the trademark rocking Greek swagger, and is topped up by some truly moving solos. ‘Arcane Paths To Resurrection’ is an earnest, impassioned and dynamic album, which I believe will be one of the highlights in the genre this year.”
Decipher’s statement : 
“After a long wait we are proud to finally reveal the release of our debut album “Arcane Paths to Resurrection” through the mighty Transcending Obscurity Records! Kunal and his colleagues in TO have been delivering phenomenal releases for the past years and we are proud to stand in their fold among bands we know and respect.”
The album was recorded live in 2019 by Mihail Karpathiou at Studio D Mix, master and vocal recordings were done by George Emannuel at Pentagram Studios. Artwork by the master Artem Grigoryev. Layout by Remedy Art Design.
Track List:
1. Chants of the Unholy
2. Lost in Obscurity
3. Arcane Paths
4. Enslaved to be
5. Altar of the Void
6. Penance
7. Sanctum Regnum
Album line up:
M.L. – Vocals & Chants
K.G. – Lead and rhythm Guitars, Bass, Vocals & Chants
K.C. – Guitars
N.C. – Drums

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