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Diviner – Avaton


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Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Hellas
Label: ROAR! Rock of Angels Records
Year: 2023

Diviner are no strangers to classic Heavy/Power metal fans since they are here since 2011. They stay loyal to a motivo that gives birth to a new album every 4 years (all these years they have released only two full lengths, “Fallen Empires” (2015) and “Realms of Time” (2019)), which for me personally speaking is a time gap that makes sense in order to keep busy your fans but without over offering releases or sounding sloppy or hasty. Still I can’t see any reason to forget the name of Diviner when they release of such quality such as “Avaton”. Which is definitely their best work until now! “Avaton” is a pure ode to Dio’s 1985-1990 era, Judas Priest from 2008 until nowadays, Black Sabbath’s Tony Martin era and some suspicion of elements of Savatage and Rhapsody here and there. We are talking about a huge album! Great choruses, galloping riffs, dark melodies, memorable lyrics, excellent production that sounds totally natural (and analog) and more than awesome song writing. With 4 new members joining Diviner; guitarist Teo Ross and Alex Flouros, bassist George Nidriotis and drummer Lefteris Moros,  Yiannis Papanikolaou the band’s singer and mastermind finds the perfect timing to unleash the best out of him in probably his best and mature  performance both as a composer and interpreter.  We can find so many great songs here but I stuck to instant classics like “Mountains High”, “Dancing in the Fire”, “The Battle of Marathon” and “Dominator” that are tremendous while tha album doesn’t lack of catchy/hit singles or songs that should be or would have been singles in other times or if they were written from Priest or Dio such as “Cyberwar” or “Hope Will Rise”. Avaton is a 50 minutes long triumph! So simple so true!

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