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AA Fest II: Primordial, Taake, Zemial + more 16-17/09/17

16 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2017 @ 20:00


Saturday 16/09/2017 + Sunday 17/09/2017 @ Kyttaro Live Club [Athens]

Arcane Angels proudly announces Ireland’s PRIMORDIAL as headliners for the label’s second festival edition, scheduled to take place on the 16th of September at Kyttaro Live Club in Athens. Acknowledged for their impeccable live performaces, Irish heroes will unleash their heathen metal in lands not unlike the kinds of ancient tragedies flowing through their Irish blood.

Likewise, ZEMIAL are well known to fans of the early ‘90’s scene, for their ever-changing sound and musical direction as well as for their rare and eclectic live performances. Their releases have encompassed Black and Thrash Metal, Epic Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock all under that identifiable ZEMIAL sound and style.

Norway’s TAAKE is a name that needs no introduction, for being profoundly able to blend distinctive melodies with uncompromising Norwegian frost. The atmosphere of their live shows remains undeniably intense, with Hoest leading one of the best live acts as one of the most impressive frontmen in black metal history to date.

AGATUS belong to the first wave of black metal bands to emerge from Greece and consist of The Dark and Vorskaath – brothers and founding members. In this special occasion they will present The Eternalist live for the first timelive to an audience -a release voted amongst the best metal albums of 2016.

Austria’s NAHTRUNAR is a name that needs no introduction to devotees of the dark arts. Their unique blend of esoteric existential black metal focuses not on hype but pure essence; and it is no mistake their masterful debut “Symbolismus” was intentionally AAR’s first vinyl release.

In union, as well as a rare live occasion for the band’s known standards, Portugal’s BLACK CILICE bring their abrasive black metal mysticism, forged in the deepest of catacombs only the dead are aware of. Graves shall open and people will run in fear, that’s for certain. For all existing witnesses speak about the highest quality underground metal can offer.

On the other hand, Belgium’s ANCIENT RITES certainly return from the grave in some sense, taken into account they haven’t played a show in Greece in nearly two decade -despite their strong links to the old Greek black metal scene. Praised for their unique blend of 90s aesthetics, as well as high quality output, the band is set to unleash a feast of diabolical serenades upon lands impatient for their return.

Italy’s DEMONOMANCY are no strangers to Greek maniacs for their uncompromising bestiality, unleashed both in studio works and their evoking live presence. Highly supported by the extreme metal label known as Nuclear War Now! Productions, their tight line-up of subjugating metal is bound to push all boundadies to extremities unknown to man.

VOID PRAYER, when it comes to their part, simply released one of the most fascinating debuts of 2017 without further question. Remarkably faithful to their lo-fi focus, yet pushing their sound to sharpness provoking to all senses, “Stillbirth from the Psychotic Void” stands as what the members declare under the intense references that construct their monikers.

MEFITIC, like late-Demonomancy, also stand as a part of Nuclear War Now! Productions’ roster, as well as a perfect blend of bestiality and uncompromising death metal. Their live shows are bound by sheer anergy and the darkest of vibes, offering both qualities the aforementioned genres may present.

NEFARIOUS SPIRIT is a different subject, the kind of black metal with the old “metal of death” feel. A live debut from musicians lurking in the shadows for years and involved in a number of different projects. After inviting them to AA fest, we are happy to let you know they incorporated Abyssus guitarist and stand now as a full band, instead of a two-persons project.

As you get, second AAR fest is forged according to more OLD-SCHOOL standards compared to its first edition -so better prepare youselves for it.


16 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2017
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